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About HP Cleaning Services

HP Cleaning Services LLC is a local Systems Award Management (SAM) certified Minority Small Business Commercial Cleaning Company. We are licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of Alabama. We proudly serve the Greater Tuscaloosa, Alabama area. Our drive for business success is to ensure our clients have peace of mind when they hire us to clean their commercial facilities.


The Mission of HP Cleaning Services LLC is to become one of the top Commercial Cleaning Companies in the Industry for the West Alabama Region by listening to our clients' needs, providing innovative cleaning solutions, and delivering excellent results on time, every time. Operating under NAICS Code 561720, HP Cleaning Services LLC has served the Greater Tuscaloosa area for the past six years. Our President, Howard Pickens, has been in the commercial cleaning industry since 2003.

Thriving for excellence, HP Cleaning Services, LLC has integrated our Core Values as a crucial part of our staff's onboarding and training process.  Our Core Values include: 

  • Listening to the needs of our customers is our top priority.

  • Time management is critical; therefore, we must arrive promptly and clean efficiently in a timely manner.

  • Treating the customer with Kindness and Respect always leaves a lasting positive impression.

  • Our customers’ peace of mind and trust in our capabilities is essential to becoming one of the top cleaning companies in our region.

  • Getting the job done right the first time is critical to remaining on top of the commercial cleaning industry.

  • We will always look for new innovative ways to meet the cleaning challenges in the commercial cleaning industry.

  • We understand the process of working as a team; therefore, we WIN as a team.

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